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With Ai Palette, we have been able to foray into newer categories and identify white spaces at the right time to stay ahead of our competition

We have been using traditional methods of research as starting points to build upon the knowledge base for white spaces. Ai Platforms such as Ai Palette provide the advantage of scouring through many data sources to provide a comprehensive picture, and that too at accelerated timelines. 


Vrunda Patel

Lead, Strategic Categories – R&D

Kellogg's uncovered new occasions for cereal consumption and launched campaigns that delivered growth ahead of the category.
In the clutter of too much information, it is essential to have the right foresight into what will gain traction with consumers. Ai Palette has helped us provide valuable insight across multiple markets to accelerate our innovation and drive organic growth for the brand.
Sanjib Bose
CMO, Southeast Asia
Foresight Engine

Quickly discover trends as they emerge by exploring over 60 billion data points from all over the world.

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