[Report + On-Demand Webinar] 2022 APAC Food & Beverage Trends

Here are the 4 key trends that will drive food and beverage consumption in Asia in 2022


Ai Palette’s innovation consultants dive into the ingredient, product and consumer trends that drive what Asia will eat and drink in 2022.

This report is powered by Ai Palette’s predictive analytics technology, which spots food and beverage trends using billions of data points and local data sources.

Trends we’ll cover:

  • Strengthening immunity embraces traditional spices, herbs, fruits and roots.
  • Wellbeing is driving people to make healthier choices for body and mind, including turning to food for mental wellness and healthy ageing.
  • When trying or switching to plant-based products, consumers consider health, taste, diet, and price.
  • With accelerated digital adoption, consumers expect increased convenience across delivery, ready-to-eat and home-cooked meals.

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PLUS: Watch the on-demand webinar. Report author and Ai Palette Head of Innovation Salomi Naik discusses the trends.

Who’s attending? Join CPG product innovators from Nestle, Cargill, Asahi Breweries, IFF, OFI, Givaudan, Tyson, Ferrero, Danone, Firmenich, Bonduelle, PepsiCo and more.

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