F&B Megatrends in Singapore

Here’s a deep dive into the top consumer trends in Singapore. From a renewed interest in traditional ingredients to tailoring plant-based food to domestic tastes, we will tell you all about what Singapore’s consumers want to eat and drink.
Ai Palette brings you a deep dive into the top consumer trends that influence what Singapore eats and drinks, the main trends being:

A new focus on traditional ingredients: Consumer are looking to boost health and wellness through ancient wisdom.

Gut health a priority: For balance of mind and body, Singapore consumers are looking for products that will help them with better gut health.

Creating plant-based food suited to local tastes: Singaporeans want to create plant-based food that is adapted to domestic taste profiles.

Consumers are looking for food that boosts their mental and physical health and companies are incorporating “Better for You” ingredients packaged into convenient formats.

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