AI-powered trendspotting SaaS platform for CPG

Foresight Engine

Understand the maturity of a trend, deep dive into the drivers behind the trend, and predict its future trajectory.
Predicted Trend Growth

Get an instant view of a trend’s maturity in a particular category and over a period of time, including its predicted rise or decline.

Category-Level Consumer Insights

Evaluate sentiment, popular product attributes, occasions, pairings, products in market, consumer perceptions, related trends.

Analyze Through a Variety of Lenses

Analyse trends through the lenses of Macro Trends, Products, and Flavours & Ingredients. Or drill down with Advanced Search.

Ready-to-Use Reports

Download charts and data you need as graphic and PDF files.

Done-for-you Custom Reports

Platform access includes done-for-you custom reports analyzed by our experienced insights team.

Screen Winner
Take the guesswork out of concept selection by screening, validating and optimising new product concepts before taking the best concept forward.
Build Winner
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Built on proprietary Ai Palette technology
Built on proprietary
Ai Palette technology
AI trained on category-specific language
Ai Palette algorithms are specifically trained to understand Food & Beverage and Personal Care nuances, using natural language processing and computer vision
Diverse data sources
More than just social media data, the Ai Palette dataset includes public and company data sources that are more accurate indicators of trend behavior
The technology understands text in any language, and can analyze images for contextual understanding
12 billion data points analyzed to-date
And growing as our system ingests new data.
The world is changing so rapidly that we cannot do everything by ourselves and that’s why we collaborate. Cargill works with AI Palette to use science for consumer insights and technology solutions that are more accurate, fast and cost-effective for our innovation needs and help our customers win in the market.
Roy Tharakan
Regional Director – Commercial Excellence

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