[Trend Report] Freshly Baked Trends USA

Let's look at the Top ingredients in the U.S. Bakery Category that F&B Brands Cannot Miss

Freshly Baked Trends USA


The United States is the world’s largest CPG market and the most innovative in creating products adopted globally. This creates added pressure for US-based CPG brands to find ways to stay relevant constantly. Fortunately, AI-based technology is beginning to solve this problem by predicting trends in real-time and providing deep insights to help understand the constant changes in consumer preferences. This trend report will look into four compelling ingredients in the U.S. Bakery category that brands cannot miss.

All the insights derived in this report are obtained from Ai Palette’s trendspotting platform ‘Foresight Engine.’ To know how you can use our insights to launch your next F&B bestseller, visit www.aipalette.com

Bakery Trends USA

Bakery and Snacks also suggest that U.S. consumers look for new and innovative products that align with their health and dietary concerns. 

We have identified 4 growing ingredients in the U.S. Bakery category that align with this trend. You will not want to miss them!

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